[R-sig-DB] [R] RODBC Error Code 202 on Mac OS X 10.6

Paul Gilbert pgilbert902 at gmail.com
Mon May 28 02:18:10 CEST 2012

I cannot help you if this really is a Mac issue, but the error message 
sounds to me like your server is not configured to accept connections 
from your client. When you say it works with a different OS, do you mean 
on the same machine, or do you mean on a machine with a different IP 
address?  If the latter, then be sure the server has the same 
permissions for the two machines, then check that the odbc.ini files 
have the same UserName and Password settings, just in case that is 
really what is being used, rather than the strings in the command line. 
You should also be sure the host server setting is the same on both 
machines, just in case you happen to be talking to different servers.

(I do realize that you probably know this, but it is surprisingly 
difficult to get these right, and the error message you get when they 
are wrong is the one you are getting.)

Another thing you can do is to run the server in debug mode, which 
sometimes gives better details about attempted connection failures.


On 12-05-27 03:39 PM, julia.jacobson at arcor.de wrote:
>>> Hello everybody out there using the RODBC package,
>>> On my linux (unixODBC) and windows machines, I can successfully use the
>> RODBC package to connect to a PostgreSQL databse.
>>> On my Mac Book running Mac OS X 10.6 (Intel 64bit architecture), I get the
>> error "code 202" and message "?????" when I try to establish an connection
>> by using
>>>> con<- odbcConnect(dsn="MyDataSource",UID="Me",pwd="secret")
>>> Could anyone please hint me towards additional diagnostics I can run to
>> pin down the problem?
>>> I have the latest versions of unixODBC and psqlODBC installed from
>> Macports.
>>> They seem to be okay, because
>>> $isql dsn uid pwd
>>> works fine to connect to the database.
>>> Thanks in advance for your help,
>>> Julia
>> Unfortunately, I'm not really making any progresses, despite a lot of
>> effort.
>> I've compiled R on Mac OS X for myself using MacPorts and the error is now
>> "state 28000, code 201" which is failed password authentification.
> Interestingly, I was able to set up RODBC on Mac OS X 10.4 (PowerPC architecture) successfully and as I said, it does work on Linux and Windows XP/7 perfectly.
> I was wondering whether the undecipherable error message I get on OS X 10.6 is due to wrong encoding settings on my machine in relation to the ones on the server. It would already be of great help to be able to read the error message.
> It is probably a problem of the versions of the OS, psqlODBC, R and RODBC on my machine.
> It would be great to get feedback from someone running Mac OS X 10.6 in combination with RODBC successfully and check for the differences with my setup.
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