[R-pkgs] latex2exp 0.9.0: Use LaTeX Expressions in Plots

Stefano Meschiari @te|@no@me@ch|@r| @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Thu Jan 27 23:45:54 CET 2022

Dear R users,

latex2exp is an R package to use a subset of LaTeX to create formatted
text and mathematical formulas and symbols. It can be used for axis
labels, annotations, legends, titles, etc. throughout R’s plotting
system and ggplot2.

A call to TeX() such as `TeX(r"(\textbf{Euler's identity} is $e^{i\pi}
+ 1 = 0$.)")` will return an expression containing the formatted text
and equation, suitable for plotting. latex2exp works by parsing the
provided LaTeX string and converting it to R's plotmath expressions.

A new major version of latex2exp (0.9.0), containing a rewritten
parser, tens of new commands and symbols, and many bug fixes, is now
available on CRAN:

A website for the package, with examples, vignettes, and a searchable
table of supported LaTeX commands, is available at:

Finally, issues should be reported at:

Best regards,
Stefano Meschiari

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