[R-pkgs] this.path-package: get executing script's path

Andrew Simmons @kw@|mmo @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Tue Jan 25 21:02:05 CET 2022

Hello everyone,

R package 'this.path' has received an update, the current version
number is 0.5.0
You can find this package at:


Updates include:

(1) added this.path::here (similar to here::here), for constructing
the path to a file, starting with the executing script's directory

(2) this.path::this.path is compatible with URLs in base::source, for
example source("https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ArcadeAntics/this.path/main/tests/this.path_w_URLs.R")

(3) added separate methods for extracting the shell argument 'FILE'
for Windows and Unix-alikes (shell arguments are handled slightly
differently between the two)

(4) on Windows, in Rgui, added support for all languages listed by
list.dirs(system.file(package = "translations"), full.names = FALSE,
recursive = FALSE)

If you're using version 0.4.4 or less, it is well worth upgrading.

    Andrew Simmons

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