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Anthony Trevisan @nthonytrev|@@n @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Mon Nov 30 19:29:36 CET 2020


I wanted to notify the R community about a new package for trading on the
ETRADE platform through an API. The package `etrader` (
<https://cran.r-project.org/package=etrader>) interacts with the ETRADE API
to allow for authentication, trading, account details and more. You can
find more details about the package here:

This completes a suite of three finance packages I developed to allow for
automated trading and investing. `rameritrade` and `etrader` allow for
trading on TD Ameritrade and ETRADE which collectively hold more than 16
million accounts and $1.5 trillion in Assets. `fmpcloudr` is a package to
pull data from Financial Modeling Prep (
to perform in-depth analysis on a range of financial metrics.

I have a number of articles and 'How To' guides on my blog that show
someone how to fully automate their retirement investing (
https://tonytrevisan.github.io/blog.html). I hope these tools prove useful
to the R community.

Best regards,

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