[R-pkgs] xmlconvert: A package for converting XML data to R data frames and vice versa

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Thu Nov 5 10:55:08 CET 2020

Hello everyone,

Driven by the need to work with XML data from medical systems that use
object-oriented databases I have developed the 'xmlconvert' package. With
its easy-to-use functions xml_to_df() and df_to_xml() it allows to convert
data from XML to R data frames and vice versa. A variety of arguments gives
you control over the specifics of the conversion process.

The package is available on CRAN (visit
https://CRAN.R-project.org/package=xmlconvert for more details). Install it
by executing

> install.packages("xmlconvert", dependencies = TRUE)

in the R console.

You will find more information on GitHub
(https://github.com/jsugarelli/xmlconvert). The GitHub README provides an
intro how to use the package and how to adjust for different ways in which
the data can be represented in the XML documents.




Joachim L. Zuckarelli

E-mail: joachim using zuckarelli.de <mailto:joachim using zuckarelli.de>

Website: http://www.zuckarelli.de

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jsugarelli

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