[R-pkgs] 3.0-0 milestone for actuar

Vincent Goulet V|ncent@Gou|et @end|ng |rom @ct@u|@v@|@c@
Mon Jun 8 16:46:08 CEST 2020

Dear useRs and developeRs,

We are proud to announce that version 3.0-0 of actuar is now available on CRAN.

This newest release further extends support of the package for heavy tail and extreme value size distributions. It also introduces a package API, so that developers may easily integrate our C code into their own package.

From the NEWS file:

• Support functions ‘[dpqrm,lev]fpareto’ for the Feller-Pareto
  distribution and related Pareto distributions with a
  location parameter. The Feller-Pareto defines a large family
  of distributions encompassing the transformed beta family
  and many variants of the Pareto distribution. Using the
  nomenclature of Arnold (2015), the following distributions
  are now supported by ‘actuar’: Feller-Pareto, Pareto IV,
  Pareto III, and Pareto II. The Pareto I was already
  supported under the name Single Parameter Pareto.

• The package now exposes through an API its 200+ C routines
  for probability functions and the beta integral. This is
  documented in a new section of the “distributions” package
  vignette. See file ‘include/actuarAPI.h’ in the package
  installation directory for the complete list of exported

The complete NEWS is available on CRAN as usual:



Vincent Goulet
École d'actuariat, Université Laval

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