[R-pkgs] mgcViz: scalable ggplot2 visualisations for mgcv

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Mon Jan 28 13:08:08 CET 2019

Dear useRs,

 I am pleased to announce the publication of mgcViz 0.1.3 on CRAN:

mgcViz is an extension of mgcv, and provides a layered ggplot2-based
visualisation framework for GAM models. In addition to layered smooth effect
plots, mgcViz offers:
- new scalable methods for model building and checking;
- interactive 3D visualisations via the rgl package;
- methods for approximate Bayesian posterior simulation.

For examples see the articles on mgcViz's website:
while for more details on the underlying methods see:

The package is also available on github:
so feel free to send comments, criticisms and feature requests via Github

Matteo Fasiolo

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