[R-pkgs] MCMCvis 0.9.2 on CRAN

Casey Youngflesh casey.youngflesh at stonybrook.edu
Thu Jan 18 23:11:48 CET 2018

The latest version of `MCMCvis` is now available on CRAN.

`MCMCvis` is an R package used to visualize, manipulate, and summarize MCMC
output. MCMC output may be derived from Bayesian model output fit with
JAGS, Stan, or other MCMC samplers.

Improvements since the last CRAN release (0.8.1) include:

* ability to calculate and plot prior posterior overlap
* ability to return number of effective samples for each parameter
* ability to accept some arguments in regular expression format
* ability to easily subset mcmc.list objects into smaller mcmc.list objects
* function to retain structure of parameters (matrix parameters in model
will be summarized by function and returned in matrix format)
* speed improvements (particularly for large model objects)

CRAN: https://CRAN.R-project.org/package=MCMCvis
GitHub: https://github.com/caseyyoungflesh/MCMCvis

Full tutorial here: http://www.caseyyoungflesh.com/software/



*Casey Youngflesh*
Department of Ecology and Evolution
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY 11794 USA
www.caseyyoungflesh.com <http://www.caseyyoungflesh.weebly.com>

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