[R-pkgs] New Package: stripless (V. 1.0)

Bert Gunter bgunter at comcast.net
Mon Feb 1 18:48:18 CET 2016

A new package, “stripless”, is now available on CRAN. It should be mostly of interest to those who use Lattice graphics when there are more than a couple of conditioning variables. Quoting from the DESCRIPTION:

For making Trellis-type conditioning plots without strip labels. This is useful for displaying the structure of results from factorial designs and other studies when many conditioning variables would clutter the display with layers of redundant strip labels. Settings of the variables are encoded by layout and spacing in the trellis array and decoded by a separate legend. The functionality is implemented by a single S3 generic strucplot() function that is a wrapper for the Lattice package's xyplot() function. This allows access to all Lattice graphics capabilities in the usual way.

A vignette is in preparation, but the existing Help pages should contain sufficient explanation and examples to get going. Feedback, suggestions, reports of bugs or any other infelicities are welcome. 


Bert Gunter

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