[R-pkgs] New version of wikipediatrend

Peter Meissner retep.meissner at gmail.com
Mon Jun 8 12:31:15 CEST 2015

Dear UseRs,

wikipediatrend - a package to retrieve Wikipedia page access statistics -  
has jumped from version 0.2 to 1.1.3 and now is more streamlined, feature  
richer, more tested and comes with a vignette as well as a lot of fun.

packge information: http://cran.rstudio.com/web/packages/wikipediatrend


project page:       https://github.com/petermeissner/wikipediatrend

Best, Peter

NEWS wikipediatrend

version 1.1.3 // 2015-06-04 ...

- modifying vignette to comply with CRAN policies (dropping lines  
installing packages if not present)

version 1.1.2 // 2015-05-23 ...

- modifying caching to comply with CRAN policies

- changing default folder of cache file from temp (basename(tempdir())) to  
Rtemp ( tempdir() )

version 1.1.1 // 2015-05-23 ...

- adding ghrr as additional repo to comply with CRAN policies

- changing default folder of cache file from home (~) to temp  

version 1.1.0 // 2015-05-21 ...

- feature: caching has been overhauled

- feature: wp_trend() now tries to guess if page was supplied as title  
with possible special characters or as (url-encoded) URL part and take  
care of  further processing

- bug-fix: special character support of the packages was lousy and  
the usage of articles of non-standard languages ( - especially on Windows)
   * introduction of the wp_df class to allow for a print.wp_df that
     a) shortens long strings on print
     b) does not use format() (format() causes UTF-8 characters to be  
replaced by "<U+xxxx>" strings (propably only))
   * using a package specific write_utf8_csv() and read_utf8_csv() to be  
able to store and cache data for articles with special character names      
(even under Windows, write.csv() does not allow enforcing a specific  

- bug-fix / backward compatibility: with version 1.0.0 old parameters for
wp_trend() were causing errors

- bug-fix: wp_cache_reset() would stop with an error if called twice in a  
row - fixed

version 1.0.0 // 2015-04-01 ...

- api-change: option userAgent deleted: the default is to send information  
versions of R, wikipediatrend, curl as well as RCurl

- api-change: option requestFrom deleted: the default is to not send the  

- feature: wp_trend() now by default caches data retrievals in a temporary  

- feature: wp_trend(file="save.csv") now allows to specify a file where
retrievals are stored (this will always add to the already existing data)

- feature: wp_trend() now allows to specify more than one page and/or  
at a time. data than will be retrieved for every combination of
page-language and date

- feature: caching system is persistant wp_cache_file() will report file  
used for
caching; wp_cache_reset() will reset cache; wp_cache_load() will return its
content as data.frame()

- feature: while wp_trend() now (invisibly) returns only data from the  
request at hand the new function wp_cache() will retrieve data from cache  
(by default / if no file name is specified it retrieves data from  

- api-change: the data returned by wp_trend(), cached in cache-file,  
retrieved by
wp_cache() does consist of more variables: date, count, project, title,
rank, month

- feature: testthat tests now check base functionality of the package

- bug-fix: non-existing page views for a month have led to an error, fixed.

- bug-fix: wp_trend() now checks date inputs better for logical  

version 0.2.0 // 2014-11-01 ...

- first puplication on CRAN

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