[R-pkgs] psych 1.2.8 has been released

William R Revelle revelle at northwestern.edu
Sun Sep 9 21:50:01 CEST 2012

Dear fellow R users.

I have released version 1.2.8 of the psych package.  This replaces 1.2.4 from the April release.

The more important changes 

    o   Modified score.irt so that subjects who miss all items or pass all
	items are given an estimate based upon the (product) of the
	difficulty of the items they miss (pass) and then adjusted based
	upon half the quantile difference from 0 (if they miss all items)
	and 100 (if they pass all items).

    o   Modified sim.omega to allow for specifying a general factor.  This
	allows for tests of not just the bias in the case of no general
	factor, but also the ability to detect a general factor.  Also
	modified it to include calls to omegaSem.

    o   Modified iclust so that the fit statistic is based upon the
	off-diagonal elements unless otherwise specified.  Use diagonal
	=TRUE to get fits matching previous analyses.
    o   Added a function (irt.responses) to plot responses as a function of
	the latent score for analyzing multiple choice alternatives.

    o   Added a function, statsBy, to find summary statistics (means,
	sample sizes, standard deviations) by a grouping variable.  Similar
	to describeBy but somewhat easier to use. Also will report (as an
	option) the pooled within group correlations.  Calculates the within and between group correlations.

This has the normal number of small bug fixes and feature changes requested by various helpful users.

For a full list of changes try
news(Version > "1.2.4",package="psych")

 Suggestions for additions and improvements are always welcome and sometimes implemented.


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