[R-pkgs] bcrm package update

Michael Sweeting michael.sweeting at mrc-bsu.cam.ac.uk
Wed May 2 09:24:46 CEST 2012

Dear all,

Version 0.3 of the bcrm package is now available on CRAN. The package 
allows users to fit Bayesian Continuous Reassessment Method Phase I 
trial designs. This version has the following new developments from 
version 0.1:

* Stopping rules have been added, allowing stopping to be based on a 
maximum sample size, the maximum number to be treated at the final MTD 
estimate, the precision of the MTD estimate, and a minumum sample size.
* Implementation of escalation based on posterior toxicity intervals 
using loss functions.
* Posterior summaries after each recruited cohort can now be plotted 
using the "each" argument of plot.bcrm.
* When simulating, operating characteristics are also now presented by 
true regions of toxicity risk.
* Simulations now run faster, as they use information from identical 
previous simulations to choose next dose. This is only implemented if 
nsims<=1000, otherwise the computation time to search previous 
simulations becomes unmanageable.
* Plot and print commands now refer to actual dose labels when they have 
been given by the user
* Output from simulations can now be plotted as histograms using the 
function plot.bcrm.sim

Best wishes

Dr Michael Sweeting
MRC Biostatistics Unit
Institute of Public Health
Robinson Way

Tel: 01223 768257
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