[R-pkgs] new version of QCA

Adrian Dusa dusadrian at unibuc.ro
Sun Apr 8 11:57:16 CEST 2012

Dear All,

I have just uploaded a new version of the QCA (Qualitative Comparative
Analysis) on CRAN, and it will be propagated in a couple of days.

This is version 1.0-0 ("Easter edition") of the package, straight from
the previous version 0.6-5, and it represent a major re-write of the
package in order to accomodate fuzzy-sets. I am pleased to welcome
Alrik Thiem as a co-author of this package, his skills and knowledge
have been paramount to developing the current code.

This version has numerous changes in the code (probably too many to
present in this email) and new additional functions. Most notably, the
previous qmcc() function is now obsolete, given that all our tests
have shown that eqmcc() yield the same exact results but it's by far
superior in speed.

A very happy Easter, and happy QCA-ing,
Adrian and Alrik

Adrian Dusa
Romanian Social Data Archive
1, Schitu Magureanu Bd.
050025 Bucharest sector 5
Tel.:+40 21 3126618 \
       +40 21 3120210 / int.101
Fax: +40 21 3158391

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