[R-pkgs] haplo.stats version 1.5.2

Sinnwell, Jason P. Sinnwell.Jason at mayo.edu
Tue Jan 10 17:16:37 CET 2012

haplo.stats, version 1.5.2, is now available on CRAN.

Below I provide the description and link to our software page where you
can also find the updated user manual. The most notable updates for this
version were to make the haplo.glm fitted object work more like the glm
object; other changes are listed in the NEWS file entries pasted below.

haplo.stats: Statistical Analysis of Haplotypes with Traits and
Covariates when Linkage Phase is Ambiguous

A suite of R routines for the analysis of indirectly measured
haplotypes. The statistical methods assume that all subjects are
unrelated and that haplotypes are ambiguous (due to unknown linkage
phase of the genetic markers). The main functions are: haplo.em,
haplo.glm, haplo.score, haplo.power, and seqhap.


Changes in version 1.5.2:

    o   Added methods for haplo.glm object: anova, residuals, vcov,

    o   Updated haplo.glm to work more like glm object with methods

    o   Took out S-PLUS functionality for haplo.glm

    o   Remove notes for S-PLUS usage in documentation

    o   Added eps.svd argument to haplo.glm.control to give users
        over calculating rank of information matrix

    o   Remove loci, geno.recode, allele.recode, which is now handled

    o   Add test suite with .R and .Rout.save files

    o   Major update to user manual in doc/

    o   Suggest Harrell's rms package instead of Design for haplo.score
        with ordinal traits

    o   Add NAMESPACE and NEWS files


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