[R-pkgs] new package SamplingStrata

Giulio Barcaroli barcarol at istat.it
Mon May 16 18:06:09 CEST 2011

Dear R users,

I would like to announce that on the CRAN is now available a new package (SamplingStrata version 0.9) for the optimal stratification of sampling frames.

This package offers an approach for the determination of the best stratification of a sampling frame, the one that ensures the minimum sample size under the condition to satisfy precision constraints in a multivariate and multidomain case. This approach is based on the use of the genetic algorithm: each solution (i.e. a particular partition in strata of the sampling frame) is considered as an individual in a population to be evolved; the fitness of all individuals is evaluated by calculating (using the Bethel-Chromy algorithm) the sampling size satisfying accuracy constraints on the target estimates.

The package covers all the phases, from the optimisation of the sampling frame, up to the design of the stratified sample, ending with the selection of the units.

In the tar.gz (directory: \inst\doc) it is possible to find a vignette ('SamplingStrataVignette.pdf') showing a complete application, from the optimisation of the sampling frame to the selection of the required sample.

I would appreciate any feedback


Giulio Barcaroli

Giulio Barcaroli
Methods, Tools and Methodological Support
Italian National Institute of Statistics
barcarol at istat.it

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