[R-pkgs] R package hypred: Simulation of genomic data in applied genetics

Frank Technow Frank.Technow at uni-hohenheim.de
Fri Feb 4 09:23:18 CET 2011

Dear useRs,

I am glad to announce that the new R package "hypred", initial version
0.1, is now available on CRAN.

"hypred" is a package for simulating high-density SNP data. Its main 
function, "hypredRecombine" is intended to be used as a "Software tool" 
in larger programs that simulate complex populations.

  The focus of the package is on producing data for genomic applications 
in applied genetics
(such as genomic selection/prediction), but I expect that it can be
useful in related fields as well.

Please see the included vignette and the manual for more details.

Don't hesitate sending bug reports; and I would appreciate receiving
some comments and feedback from users.

Best regards


Frank Technow
University of Hohenheim
350 Institute of Plant Breeding, Seed Sciences, and Population Genetics
70593 Stuttgart/Germany
Phone: 0049 711 459 23544
e-mail: Frank.Technow at uni-hohenheim.de or Frank.Technow at gmx.net

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