[R-pkgs] orddom package for Ordinal Dominance Statistics

Jens Rogmann (ABK/SK-Zentrum EPB Uni HH) Jens.Rogmann at uni-hamburg.de
Mon Jan 3 19:18:22 CET 2011

Dear R-users,

a new R package has been released named orddom.

This package provides ordinal estimates as alternatives to independent 
or paired group mean comparisons, especially for Cliff’s delta 
statistics. It provides basic parameters for various robust tests of 
stochastic equality with ordinally scaled variables.

For two sets of data, ordinal comparison estimates are calculated such as
- Cliff's delta (for which a Cohen's d effect size estimate, along with 
CIs are also calculated), (cf. Cliff, 1993; 1996; Long, Feng, & Cliff, 
2003; Feng & Cliff, 2004; Feng, 2007);

- the Common Language CL effect size or Probability of Superiority (PS) 
(Grissom, 1994; Grissom & Kim, 2005) estimate; and

- estimates of Vargha and Delaney’s A as stochastic superiority (Vargha 
& Delaney, 1998, 2000; Delaney & Vargha, 2002).

References and details can be found in the package help manual.
The package is available as of now via

Your comments and suggestions are appreciated; please send your email to 
jens.rogmann _AT_ uni-hamburg.de

Thank you,
Kind regards

Jens J. Rogmann
Dr. J. J. Rogmann
Universität Hamburg
Fakultaet EPB / ABK
Dept of Psychology
Von-Melle-Park 5/IV
D-20146 Hamburg

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