[R-pkgs] batchfiles 0.6-0

Gabor Grothendieck ggrothendieck at gmail.com
Mon Dec 13 16:02:49 CET 2010

batchfiles is a set of batch, javascript and HTML
Application files that are useful for running R and
associated programs on Windows.

Version 0.6-0 updates them for the new architecture
specific directory structure in R 2.12.0 .

A few of the lesser used utilities have been dropped.

Each batchfile is self contained.  To install just
place all or just any that you wish to use anywhere on
your path.  The batch command:


will show you which folders are on your path.


They can be downloaded individually from the svn
repository available via the home page or they can be
downloaded all at one in a zip file from CRAN here:



More info is available from the home page:



h = no args gives help
0 = common usage is to enter command name without arguments
d = in development
* = all files marked with one star are the same.  Program checks name
by which its called to determine action.
** = all files marked with two stars are the same.  Program checks
name by which its called to determine action.

#Rscript.bat - put at top of R file to make it a batch file (h) (*)
clip2r.js - pastes clipboard into Rgui.  See comments in file for use
from vim. (0)(d)
copydir.bat - copy a library from one version of R to another (h)
el.js - run elevated - Vista and up, e.g. el Rgui  runs R elevated
find-miktex.hta - GUI to find MiKTeX (0)
kopy.bat - copy Rcmd to other batch files (h)(d)
movedir.bat - move library from one version of R to another (h)
R.bat - like R.exe but finds R from registry (0) (*)
Rcmd.bat - like Rcmd.exe but finds R from registry (h) (*)
Rgui.bat - like Rgui.exe but finds R from registry (0) (*)
RguiStart.bat - like Rgui.bat but arg1 defines folder to start R in (*)
Rscript.bat - run .R script (h) (*)
Rterm.bat - like rterm.exe but finds R from registry (h) (*)
Rtidy.bat - reformat a .R file, e.g. Rtidy myfile.R > outfile.R (d)
Rtools.bat - place Rtools on path for remainder of console session (0) (*)
Rversions.bat - list R and set R version in registry, e.g. on Vista:
el cmd/c Rversions R-2.12.0 (0)
show-svn-info.hta - show svn info if current folder is an svn checkout (0)
Stangle.bat - run arg1 through Stangle (h) (**)
Sweave.bat - run arg1 through Sweave (h) (**)

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