[R-pkgs] New package: mpt

florian.wickelmaier at uni-tuebingen.de florian.wickelmaier at uni-tuebingen.de
Fri Aug 27 16:30:30 CEST 2010

Dear all,

I have submitted a new package called mpt to CRAN.

It contains functions for fitting and testing multinomial
processing tree (MPT) models, a class of statistical models for
categorical data that involve latent parameters. These parameters
are often interpreted as psychological processing variables.

An introduction to these models is:

Riefer, D.M., & Batchelder, W.H. (1988). Multinomial modeling and
the measurement of cognitive processes. Psychological Review, 95,

An overview of applications give:

Batchelder, W.H. & Riefer, D.M. (1999). Theoretical and empirical
review of multinomial process tree modeling. Psychonomic Bulletin
& Review, 6, 57-86.

Erdfelder, E., Auer, T., Hilbig, B.E., Assfalg, A., Moshagen, M.,
& Nadarevic, L. (2009). Multinomial processing tree models: A
review of the literature. Zeitschrift fuer Psychologie, 217,

Best regards, Florian

Florian Wickelmaier
Department of Psychology
University of Tuebingen

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