[R-pkgs] New package "list" for analyzing list survey experiments

Graeme Blair gblair at princeton.edu
Sun Jul 11 18:32:24 CEST 2010

Dear all,

Kosuke Imai and I announce the new package "list," which is now available on CRAN.

list: Multivariate Statistical Analysis for the Item Count Technique

List allows researchers to conduct multivariate statistical analyses with data from the item count technique for sensitive survey questions. This survey methodology, also known as the list experiment or the unmatched count technique, is an alternative to the commonly used randomized response method. The package implements the methods described in Imai (2010) ``Statistical Inference for the Item Count Technique.''

More information is available at http://imai.princeton.edu/projects/sensitive.html

Best wishes,

Graeme Blair and Kosuke Imai
Department of Politics 
Princeton University

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