[R-pkgs] Yet Another Package for Time Data

Charlotte Maia maiagx at gmail.com
Mon May 31 00:58:32 CEST 2010

Hi fellow R developers/users,

I've recently revised a package called rtv, and now consider it
reasonably stable.

Description: A package for conveniently representing, manipulating and
visualising time data. Here, time is regarded as a random variable,
and objects are used to represent realisations of that random
variable. This is particularly useful for change points, irregular
timeseries and failure events. There's a strong emphasis on continuous
representations of time, with user-specified origins and units.


The package contains classes notably similar to the POSIXt classes.
However, the classes are based on a somewhat different philosophy.
The major advantage of the package, is that crtv objects (similar to
POSIXct objects) allow user-specified origins and units.
It also allows time events to be represented as fractional months or
fractional years.

More info in the package vignette.

Bug reports and feature requests welcome.

kind regards
Charlotte Maia

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