[R-pkgs] version 4.39 of the caret package

KuhnA03 Max.Kuhn at pfizer.com
Mon May 17 22:17:41 CEST 2010

Version 4.39 of the caret package was sent to CRAN.

caret can be used to tune the parameters of predictive models using
resampling, estimate variable importance and visualize the results.
There are also various modeling and "helper" functions that can be
useful for training models. caret has wrappers to over 75 different
models for classification and regression. See the package vignettes or
the paper at


for more details. I'll also be giving a talk at this year's useR!

Since the last posting to this list:

 - 23 additional models were added to train()

 - weights can be passed in through train()

 - feature selection methods have been added: recursive feature
   elimination (rfe()) and selection by univariate filters (sbf()).
   Both functions can be run in parallel.

 - a set of functions (class "classDist") to computes the class
   centroids and covariance matrix for a training set for
   determining Mahalanobis distances of new samples to each class

 - a faster version of nearZeroVar() due to Allan Engelhardt

 - two new data sets were added

 - several classes for examining the resampling results were added for
   estimating pair-wise differences in models and lattice visualizations

The NEWS file has the blow-by-blow list of changes.

The package homepage is


Send questions, collaborations, comments etc to max.kuhn at pfizer.com.


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