[R-pkgs] SOAR - Stored object caches for R

William Venables bill.venables at gmail.com
Wed Apr 7 10:03:29 CEST 2010

I have just submitted SOAR version 0.99-2 to CRAN.  This replaces
version 0.99-1, submitted yesterday, in which a small bug was
discovered rather quickly (only affecting Windows, though).

This package is a small set of utilities for making and managing
'Stored Object Caches' for R.  These allow objects to be stored on the
disc rather than in memory, with automatic recall into R by the
delayedAssign mechanism.  It uses the same basic idea as the package
g.data of David Brahm, though the usage is rather different.

There are two main purposes: large objects can easily be managed so as
not to overload memory, and frequently used functions and datasets can
easily be made accessible to different R sessions.  The effect is
somewhat like that of the use of the .Data directory in S-PLUS, (a
program not unlike R), though somewhat more manually driven.

There is a vignette, "SOAR", which prospective users may care to read
first for a more complete discussion.

This package is the formal successor to an older package, ASOR, which
was never released on CRAN.  Users of the ASOR package may wish to
look first at Appendix C of the vignette, which lists the important
differences.  The transition from ASOR to SOAR, though, should be
almost transparent.

Bill Veanbles.

Bill Venables
Senior Research Scientist,
CSIRO, Cleveland Laboratories,

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