[R-pkgs] new package RFLPtools

Dr. Matthias Kohl Matthias.Kohl at stamats.de
Sat Feb 20 09:31:35 CET 2010

The new package RFLPtools is available on CRAN.

RFLPtools provides analysis functions for DNA fragment molecular weights 
(e.g.\ derived from RFLP-analysis) and nucleotide sequence similarities. 
It aims mainly at the identification of similar or identical fragment 
patterns to evaluate the amount of different genotypes gained from
environmental samples during diversity studies and at further analysis 
of similarities of nucleotide sequences derived from pairwise sequence 
alignments (e.g.\ derived from standalone BLAST). Additionally, 
functions to check the data quality of molecular fingerprints are 
available. To identify the organisms represented by the extracted 
fragment patterns (e.g.\ RFLP genotypes), RFLPtools includes a function 
to compare samples with fragment patterns stored in a reference dataset, 
from which the taxonomic affiliations are already known. To identify 
unknown samples in scientific projects, DNA sequences are used, and the 
gained DNA sequences are compared to existing sequence data via 
alignments tools, as standalone BLAST.
RFLPtools offers tools to generate groups based on tabular report files 
of sequence comparison of pairwise nucleotide sequence alignment.

To get a first impression try:


as well as


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Dr. Matthias Kohl

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