[R-pkgs] itertools 0.1-1

Stephen Weston stephen.b.weston at gmail.com
Thu Jan 14 22:39:59 CET 2010

I'd like to announce the availability of the new "itertools" package,
which provides a variety of functions used to create iterators, as
defined by REvolution Computing's "iterators" package.  The package has
been uploaded to CRAN and is now available under the GPL-2 license.

The "itertools" package is strongly inspired by the Python itertools
module, and includes a number of functions of the same name.  There are
a variety of functions that create iterators for splitting, chunking,
repeating, recycling, zipping, and filtering your data.  There is also
an "ihasNext" function, written by Hadley Wickham, that adds a "hasNext"
method to any iterator, making it easier to get values from an iterator
without the use of the "foreach" function.  Hadley also contributed some
utility functions for writing your own iterators.

- Steve Weston

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