[R-pkgs] dcemriS4: A package for medical image analysis (S4 implementation)

Brandon Whitcher bwhitcher at gmail.com
Tue Dec 22 15:04:44 CET 2009

dcemriS4: A package for medical image anlaysis

The dcemriS4 package is a major update, and S4 implementation, of the
dcemri package.  All previous functionality has been replicated, for
DCE-MRI and DWI, with specific emphasis on cancer imaging
applications.  Additional major features include:

  o  S4 classes for NIfTI and Analyze data formats that merges header
and data information
  o  Simplified import/export functions with NIfTI header extension support
  o  Complete "audit trail" functionality, in XML, stored as a NIfTI
header extension
  o  Graphical methods for "lightbox", "orthographic" and "overlay" displays
  o  Expanded vignette with examples

I look forward to receiving feedback on this project.



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