[R-pkgs] Multivariate ECDFs

Charlotte Maia maiagx at gmail.com
Thu Dec 10 01:13:14 CET 2009

Hey R people,

I have just put a package on CRAN, mecdf 0.2.1.

It computes multivariate ECDFs.
i.e. Estimates (or perhaps I should say evaluates) a multivariate
cumulative distribution function, using data, without any assumptions
per se.
Plus contrary to my own advise, the vignette contains some pretty
pictures of the bivariate normal...

The current package is relatively simple.
However, I have searched for this topic, and found very little
information, so I regard this as a new(ish) topic.

The package is still new and relatively untested.
I'm planning to implement smooth(ish) distribution functions in the
near future. e.g. Interpolating the step function (possibly with some
other adjustments).
Suggestions (including criticisms) welcome, especially while the package is new.

Merry Christmas, group hug...
Charlotte Maia

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