[R-pkgs] Deducer: An R data analysis GUI

ian.fellows at stat.ucla.edu ian.fellows at stat.ucla.edu
Thu Dec 3 01:19:36 CET 2009

Announcing a new version of Deducer:

Deducer 0.2-1 is an intuitive, cross-platform graphical data analysis
system. It uses menus and dialogs to guide the user efficiently through
the data manipulation and analysis process, and has an excel like
spreadsheet for easy data frame visualization and editing. Deducer works
best when used with the Java based R GUI JGR, but the dialogs can be
called from the command line. Dialogs have also been integrated into the
Windows Rgui.

The statistical methods and concepts covered by the dialogs is increasing,
and currently includes:

Data Manipulation: factor editing, Variable recoding, subseting, sorting,
merging, transposing, opening data (text and foreign), and saving data

Analysis: Frequencies, Descriptives, Contingency tables (and related
statistics), one-sample, two-sample, k-sample tests, as well as

Models: Linear Models (with optional HCCM), Logistic regression,
Generalized Linear Models

Since it’s initial release in August, there have been significant changes
to the back-end as well as the programmatic interface. This has resulted
in increased stability, and made for easier incorporation of Deducer’s R
functions into non-GUI programs. Additionally, a plug-in interface has
been added, which allows arbitrary packages to add onto Deducer’s menu

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