[R-pkgs] new dse package

Paul Gilbert pgilbert at bank-banque-canada.ca
Sat Nov 7 23:17:06 CET 2009

With the release of R-2.10.0 I have divided the dse bundle into packages. The bundled package dse1 and part of dse2 are now in the new package dse. The remaining part of dse2 is in a new package EvalEst. The package dse does multivariate ARMA and state space time series modelling and forecasting, while package EvalEst is now focused on the evaluation of estimation methods. To aid transition, there are packages dse1 and dse2 on CRAN. These do nothing except require the new packages dse and EvalEst respectively, but should help prevent breaking of existing code that requires() dse1 or dse2.

I have also taken this opportunity to do a long overdue cleanup of the Users' Guides distributed as vignettes in the packages.

Paul Gilbert


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