[R-pkgs] R meets apache ant

Romain Francois romain.francois at dbmail.com
Tue Sep 8 08:23:56 CEST 2009


This is to announce the first release of the "ant" R package, which has 
been pushed to CRAN yesterday, and should reach your mirror and your 
platform soon.

The package provides an R-aware version of the famous build tool from 
the apache project. http://ant.apache.org/

The package ships an R script that can be used to invoke ant with enough 
plumbing so that it can use R specific tasks within targets.

$ Rscript -e "ant::ant()"

The package contains two R specific tasks:
- <r-run> that can be used to run arbitrary R code.
- <r-set> that can be used to set a property based on the result of an R 

An demonstrative build file is included within the package to further 
illustrate the two tasks. Also available at my blog (http://tr.im/xMdt)

R> system.file( "examples", "build.xml", package = "ant" )

The package is source-controlled at r-forge as part of the orchestra 
project. http://r-forge.r-project.org/projects/orchestra/

Many thanks to Duncan Murdoch who suggested adding the "ant" function as 
a shortcut to invoke the script and Simon Urbanek who revealed to me the 
existence of the configure script.

This is a very first release, so feedback and ideas for additional 
features or tasks is very welcome.


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|- http://tr.im/xHLs : R capable version of ant
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