[R-pkgs] new version of package deSolve on CRAN

Thomas Petzoldt Thomas.Petzoldt at tu-dresden.de
Mon Jun 29 17:36:56 CEST 2009

Dear R users,

an improved version of package deSolve (version 1.3) is now available on
CRAN. deSolve, the successor of R package odesolve, is a package to
solve initial value problems (IVP) of:

- ordinary differential equations (ODE),
- differential algebraic equations (DAE) and
- partial differential equations (PDE).

The implementation includes stiff integration routines based on the
ODEPACK Fortran codes (Hindmarsh 1983). It also contains fixed and
adaptive time step Runge-Kutta solvers and the Euler method.

Main improvements:

- new introductory tutorial (vignette) "Solving initial value
differential equations in R",

- all integrators are now implemented in compiled languages (Fortran
resp. C). Now all solvers allow to call compiled models directly (see
package vignette "Writing Code in Compiled Language").

- new function ode.3d that supplements the already existing
ode.1d and ode.2d,

- new function "diagnostics",

- many small improvements, especially of the documentation.

Have fun!

Thomas Petzoldt, Karline Soetaert, Woodrow Setzer

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