[R-pkgs] Sequence analysis with TraMineR 1.2

Alexis Gabadinho Alexis.Gabadinho at unige.ch
Wed Apr 22 16:13:25 CEST 2009

Dear R users,

The TraMineR package for mining, describing and visualizing sequences of 
states or events, and more generally discrete sequential data has been 
updated to version 1.2. Its primary aim is the analysis of biographical 
longitudinal data in the social sciences, such as data describing 
careers or family trajectories. Most of its features apply however also 
to non temporal data such as text or DNA sequences for instance. These are

   * Handling of longitudinal data and conversion between various 
sequence formats
   * Plotting sequences (density plot, frequency plot, index plot and more)
   * Centro-type and heterogeneity measure of a set of sequences
   * Individual longitudinal characteristics of sequences (length, time 
in each state, longitudinal entropy, turbulence and more)
   * Sequence transversal characteristics by age point (transversal 
state distribution, transversal entropy, modal state)
   * Other aggregated characteristics (transition rates, average 
duration in each state, sequence frequency)
   * Dissimilarities between pairs of sequences using several metric 
(Optimal matching, longest common prefix, longest common postfix, 
longest common subsequence)
   * ANOVA-like analysis of sequences and tree structured ANOVA from 
   * Extracting frequent event subsequences
   * Identifying most discriminating event subsequences

More information about TraMineR can be found  here:  

The TraMineR team.

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