[R-pkgs] xterm256

Romain Francois romain.francois at dbmail.com
Mon Apr 20 09:58:15 CEST 2009

This is the first release of the xterm256 package.

xterm256 is a small package that takes advantage of the 256 color mode 
of xterm, enabling use of foreground and background colors in the R 
console. The package exposes one function "style" that takes three 
- (x) the text to style
- (bg) the background color to use
- (fg) the foreground color to use

The color might be specified as an number between 0 and 255 (see 
http://frexx.de/xterm-256-notes/), as classic hex notation ( "#ff0000" ) 
or as an R color ("red"). Note that the color specified is mapped to the 
closest color of the 256 colors using an euclidean distance in the RGB 

The package is maintained at r-forge as part of the highlight project: 
http://r-forge.r-project.org/projects/highlight/ and welcomes requests 
(feature requests, bug requests, ...) though its tracker : 

See also this post on my blog: 


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