[R-pkgs] FD: R package to measure functional diversity indices

Etienne Laliberté etiennelaliberte at gmail.com
Thu Apr 16 23:44:57 CEST 2009

Dear useRs,

The FD package is intended for ecologists interested in functional
diversity (FD). It measures different functional diversity indices
from multiple traits (any type of traits). The first version of FD
(1.0-0) is now available on CRAN:


The main functions of FD are:

dbFD: Compute different multidimensional FD indices

gowdis: Gower dissimilarity, including options for variable weights,
asymetric binary variables, and implementing Podani's (1999) extension
to ordinal variables

fdisp: Functional dispersion

functcomp: Functional composition (community-weighted means ot trait
values, or CWM)

I hope that FD will be useful to you. Feedback would be appreciated.


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