[R-pkgs] latticist and playwith

Felix Andrews felix at nfrac.org
Tue Nov 18 05:15:14 CET 2008

A new package, *latticist*, is available now from CRAN.

Latticist is a graphical user interface for exploratory visualisation.
It is primarily an interface to the Lattice graphics system, but also
produces displays from the vcd package for categorical data.

Given a multivariate dataset (either a data frame or a table),
Latticist attempts to produce useful displays based on the properties
of the data. The user chooses variables for the plot axes, for
grouping, conditioning and subsetting. Some hypervariate displays are
also available. The plots can be customised by editing the calls used
to generate them.

A simple graphical user interface is available, built on the gWidgets
package. This requires one of the "toolkit implementations" to be
installed: currently gWidgetstcltk or gWidgetsRGtk2 (note, the
gWidgetsrJava toolkit is still in testing). Alternatively, Latticist
can be run as a toolbar extension to playwith. This brings many extra
features, such as dynamic zooming, identifying data points, etc.

A major new version of *playwith* is also available.

The playwith package provides a GTK+ graphical user interface for
editing and interacting with R plots. It has been redesigned, and the
GUI has been overhauled completely. The most prominent new features
are linked brushing, identifying co-variates of data points, dialogs
boxes for various settings, and a better API.

The websites for playwith and latticist include screenshots and demos.


Feedback welcome...

(and job offers? :-)
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