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Karsten Tabelow tabelow at wias-berlin.de
Mon May 19 15:25:51 CEST 2008

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This package implements tools for manipulationg digital images and the
Propagation Separation approach for smoothing digital images.

Version 0.6.1 is a major update with many new features:


- - we now keep exif information as comment of an image
~  this information is evaluated to recover the original adimpro-object
~  used to produce the image file, see demo(io).
~  This may be changed to using rpm-profiles.
- - new function write.raw provides a possibility to store
~  RAW sensor data as a greyscale png-image
~  these images are recognized by read.raw, see demo(raw).
- - write.image now keeps color space by default
- - read.image/write.image now also handles xyz, yuv, yiq and
~  hsi color spaces correctly
- - the location of ImageMagick is now automatically determined
~  using function Sys.which and set as an environment variable
~  ImageMagick when the package is loaded (This requires R >=2.6.0).
~  The argument convert.path in read.image and write.image is no
~  longer needed and has been removed.
- - make.image no longer has an argument gamma

Adaptive smoothing:

- - functions awsimage, awspimage:

- - value of ladjust      1.0 -- 1.25, different lseq
- - new arguments plateau=NULL, homogen=TRUE, earlystop=TRUE
- - new varmodel "Quadratic"
- - location kernel with choice "Plateau"
- - statistical kernel changed to Plateau with spmin=0.25
- - FORTRAN subroutine awsimg has fewer parameters
- - lseq extended (if it is to short) by last element rather than by 1
- - FORTRAN subroutine awsvimage has differing parameters
- - FORTRAN subroutine mawsimg has fewer parameters
- - FORTRAN subroutine awspimg has fewer parameters
- - handles lower/uppercase for some arguments

- - new function awsprop for testing propagation condition

- - new function awsaniso for anisotropic structural adaptive smoothing

Color space conversions:

- - increased and changed functionality of adjust.image
- - rgb2xxx  also accepts colorspaces xyz , yuv and yiq
- - xxx2rgb - functions now allow to specify RGB-color space (default
~  "Adobe")
- - new function cam2rgb for conversion of camera color spaces to RGB
- - new funcions rgb2xyzmat and xyz2rgbmat
- - function gamma.correction  now uses gammatype instead of arguments ga
~  and bp
- - new function for inverse gamma correction
- - new function whitepoint, wpofT, changewhitepoint  for white point
~  definitions and manipulation
- - whitebalance no uses whitepoint and color temperature
- - adjust.image  now allows to set gammatype, cspace, whitep, color
~  temperature blackpoint and exposure
- - new function demosaic.raw to convert RAW sensor data to RGB

Image manipulations and diagnostics:

- - function edges has a new argument abs
- - functions shrink.image, rotate.image, clip.image also accept "RAW"
- - rotate.image has new argument compress
- - new function extract.info for extracting EXIF-Information

Bug fixes: e.g. in make.image, invgamma.correction (internal),
~           read.ppm(internal), read.pgm(internal),


We added an extensive set of demos.
demo(adimpro) just runs all demos sequentially. Especially
demo(awspimage) (local polynomial smoothing) is time consuming.

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