[R-pkgs] batchfiles 0-4.1

Gabor Grothendieck ggrothendieck at gmail.com
Mon May 5 13:14:10 CEST 2008

batchfiles 0.4-1 consists of a set of Windows Vista .bat and
other scripts used as front ends to R CMD ... and for other

Whereas Version 0.4-0 of batchfiles eliminated the need to
set any paths when running R, version 0.4-1 now eliminates
the need to set any paths when building and installing R
packages.  It does this by using the registry to find R and
rtools and uses a heuristic to find MiKTeX (since MiKTeX
does not have a reliable registry key) and temporarily sets
the path to include rtools and MiKTeX.

Version 0.4-1 also includes an rtools.bat utility which will
set the paths for that session that would have otherwise had
to be set in case you want to use rtools and MiKTeX with
other programs -- this is not needed if you only want to use
R or if you only want to build and install R packages.

Also there is a new el utility (el.js) which runs the
command given as its argument in elevated mode.  e.g.
    el cmd
spawns a cmd session which is elevated.

The scripts Rcmd.bat, R.bat, Rterm.bat, Rscript.bat,
#Rscript.bat, Rgui.bat, RguiStart.bat, Rjgr.bat are actually
all the same script which query the name by which it was
called to determine the appropriate action.  These scripts
are each self containd single file scripts which do not
depend on each other or on other software.  To install any
of them just copy it to any place on your PATH and it can be
immediately used.  Uninstall by deleting it.  Atlhough they
query the registry they do not set the registry (except for
Rversions.hta which calls RSetReg.exe, a program that comes
bundled with R, that in turn sets the registry.)

Version 0.4-0 of these utilities and later have only been
tested on Vista.  Version 0.3-2 and earlier have only been
tested on XP.

More information is available on the home page:

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