[R-pkgs] Release 3.2.0 of randomSurvivalForest is now availablle

Udaya B. Kogalur ubk2101 at columbia.edu
Mon Feb 11 22:23:40 CET 2008

Dear useRs:

Release 3.2.0 of the CRAN package randomSurvivalForest is now available.


Release 3.2.0 represents a significant upgrade in the functionality of
the product.  Key changes are as follows:

o A second method of perturbing the data set in order to calculate
variable importance (VIMP) has been implemented.  In addition to
permuting the values for a single variable, a random split approach
has been taken in which a data point is randomly assigned to the left
or right daughter node when a split occurs on the specified variable.

o The joint VIMP among multiple variables of a (potentially proper)
subset of the GROW data can now be calculated using the new function
interaction.rsf().  This represents a third mode of operation for the
application, and follows rsf.default (GROW) and predict.rsf (PREDICT).
See the documentation for details.

o An additional option in GROW mode can now be specified.  The option
'varUsed' allows users to quantify which variables have been split
upon within a single tree or over the entire forest.  See the
documentation for more details.

o The ability to multiply impute data has been implemented.  This
involves imputing data while growing a forest and using the results to
grow a new forest in order to better impute the data.

o In GROW mode, the application now outputs both the in-bag and OOB
summary imputed values.

o An additional split rule 'randomsplit' has been implemented.
See the documentation for more details.

o The split rule 'logrankscore' is now calculated correctly.

o The split rule 'logrankapprox' has been removed and replaced by
the new split rule 'logrankrandom'.  See the documentation for more details.

ubk2101 at columbia.edu

Udaya B. Kogalur, Ph.D.
Kogalur Shear Corporation
5425 Nestleway Drive, Suite L1
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