[R-pkgs] Major update to package relimpo: Version 2.0

Ulrike Grömping groemping at tfh-berlin.de
Fri Nov 23 21:08:43 CET 2007

Dear userRs,

Version 2.0 of package relaimpo is on CRAN (and on my homepage with an
additional metric for non-US users). It contains several major improvements: 
- usage of factors
- incorporation of interactions (for metric lmg only)
- incorporation of observation weights
- application to data from complex surveys
- processing of multiply imputed data
The latter two points are somewhat experimental - of course, feedback is very

Regards, Ulrike

 Prof. Dr. Ulrike Grömping 
 Fachbereich II 
 TFH Berlin 
 Luxemburger Str. 10 
 13353 Berlin 
 mail: groemping at tfh-berlin.de 
 www: www.tfh-berlin.de/~groemp/

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