[R-pkgs] gplots 2.5.0

Gregory. R. Warnes greg at warnes.net
Fri Nov 2 20:47:26 CET 2007

Announcing gplots 2.5.0

gplots provides additional plotting functions, including several  
enhanced versions of base R functions.

Provided functions include:
	balloonplot, bandplot, barplot2, boxplot.n, colorpanel, heatmap.2,
	hist2d, lowess, ooplot, overplot, plot.lm2, plotCI, plotmeans,
	qqnorm.aov, residplot, rich.color, sinkplot, smartlegend, space,
         textplot, wapply

Changes in 2.5.0

New Features:

- textplot() now converts tab characters to spaces before processing to
   avoid problems with computing height and width of text that includes

- Add col2rgb() function to convert color names to rgb hex codes

Bug Fixes:

- Correct balloonplot.default to properly show specified x and y axis
   labels when explicitly provided

- R/balloonplot.R: Correct error in balloonplot when z contains NA  

- Fix typos and code/doc mismatches identified by the latest R CMD check


- Clarify GPL version

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