[R-pkgs] New R package sqldf

Gabor Grothendieck ggrothendieck at gmail.com
Wed Aug 1 02:43:29 CEST 2007

sqldf is an R package for running SQL select
statements on one or more R data frames. It is
optimized for convenience making it useful
for ad hoc queries against R data frames.

Given an SQL select statement whose tables
are the names of R data frames it:

- sets up the database (by default it transparently
  sets up an in memory SQLite database using RSQLite;
  however, MySQL via RMySQL, can be specified as an
  alternative.  MySQL has not been tested.)
- imports the data frames found in SQL select
  statement into the database
- runs the SQL select statement
- outputs the result back to a data frame
- uses a heuristic to assign the appropriate column
  classes to the result
- removes the database

so that all the user has to do is issue a one line
function call with one argument, the select

Here is an example which processes an SQL select
statement whose functionality is similar to the R
aggregate function.  Note that although the iris
dataset (which is built into R) uses the name
Sepal.Length the R database interface, DBI, converts
that to Sepal_Length.  Just install the sqldf package
from CRAN and type these two lines into R without
the > prompts:

> library(sqldf)
> sqldf("select Species, avg(Sepal_Length) from iris group by Species")

     Species avg(Sepal_Length)
1     setosa             5.006
2 versicolor             5.936
3  virginica             6.588

As can be seen from the example, there is:
- no database setup
- no importing and exporting into the database
- no coercing of the returned columns to the
  appropriate class (in most cases)

It can be used:
- as an alternate syntax for data frame manipulation
- learning SQL if you know R
- learning R if you know SQL

The sqldf package has a single function, sqldf.  More
information is available by issuing the command ?sqldf
from within R.  More examples and useful links are
available at the sqldf home page:


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