[R-pkgs] new packages psyphy and MLDS

ken knoblauch knoblauch at lyon.inserm.fr
Tue May 29 17:59:04 CEST 2007

New packages psyphy and MLDS are available on CRAN:

psyphy ncludes an assortment of functions
  useful in  analyzing data from pyschophysical experiments. It
   includes functions for calculating d' from several
   different experimental designs, links for mafc to be
   used with the binomial family in glm (and possibly
   other contexts) and selfStart functions for estimating gamma values
  for CRT (and possibley other RGB) screen calibration data.

MLDS implements analyses for Maximum Likelihood Difference Scaling.
Difference scaling is a method for scaling perceived super-threshold
differences. The package contains functions that allow the user to fit
the resulting data by maximum likelihood and to test the internal 
of the estimated scale.   There are also example functions that might
be used to design and run a difference scaling experiment,

Any suggestioins, criticisms, bug-reports, etc. are always welcome.


Ken Knoblauch

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