[R-pkgs] new packages 'ICS' and 'ICSNP'

Klaus Nordhausen klaus.nordhausen at uta.fi
Wed May 16 08:45:12 CEST 2007

Dear R useRs,

The new contributed packages 'ICS' and 'ICSNP' are available on CRAN.


The 'ICS' package implements the 2 scatter matrix transformation to 
obtain an invariant coordinate system or independent components, 
depending on the underlying assumptions. The result of the 
transformation is an object of the S4 class ics which is provided by 
this package. Besides generic functions to create and work with ics 
objects the package contains also some scatter matrices and two tests 
for multinormality.

The 'ICSNP' package contains tools for nonparametric multivariate 
analysis, including the estimation of location and shape as well as some 
tests for location and independence. Shape matrices from this package 
can be used as one of the scatter matrices needed in the package ICS 
whereas the tests of this package can be used for testing in the 
framework of invariant coordinates or independent components obtained 
from the package ICS. The parametric Hotelling’s T test serves as a 
reference for the nonparametric location tests.

Suggestions, bug reports and other comments are very welcome.

Best wishes,

Klaus, Seija, Hannu and Dave

Klaus Nordhausen
Tampere School of Public Health
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