[R-pkgs] new contributed package 'stream.net'

Denis White whitede at onid.orst.edu
Thu Feb 8 17:28:52 CET 2007

New contributed package 'stream.net' is available on CRAN.

Description:   Functions with example data for creating, importing,
               attributing, analyzing, and displaying stream networks
               represented as binary trees.  Capabilities include
               importing network topology and attributes from GIS data,
               upstream and downstream distance matrices, stochastic
               network generation, segmentation of network into
               reaches, adding attributes to reaches with specified
               statistical distributions, interpolating reach
               attributes from sparse data, analyzing autocorrelation
               of reach attributes, and creating maps with legends of
               attribute data.  Target applications include dynamic
               fish modeling.

Denis White
Corvallis, Oregon, USA

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