[R-pkgs] Hmisc Version 3.1-2 uploaded to CRAN repository

Charles Dupont charles.dupont at vanderbilt.edu
Mon Jan 29 18:11:19 CET 2007

Hmisc 3.1-2 has been uploaded to the CRAN incoming directory.

Change log
3.2-1 1/25/2007:
       Hmisc function 'ecdf' has been renamed 'Ecdf' to deconflict it
       with the existing 'ecdf' function in base.

       Fixed Bug in format.df that would create numbers with many
       trailing zeros.

       Added arguments 'math.row.names' and 'math.col.names' to
       indicate that the row or col names should be wrapped in the
       latex math environment.

       Fixed problem with 'histbackback' function.

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		Department of Biostatistics	Vanderbilt University

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