[R-pkgs] trip package on CRAN

Michael Sumner mdsumner at utas.edu.au
Wed Dec 6 21:32:09 CET 2006


 The 'trip' package provides extensions to the 'sp' spatial classes for 
animal track data.

 Trip objects are created from SpatialPointsDataFrame objects by 
specifying the columns containing ID and date-time data. Argos formats 
can be read directly, and there are functions for basic speed filtering 
and spatial gridding of time spent. Tight integration with 'sp' means 
that projections and general I/O can be handled using 'rgdal'. (This 
really is excellent and so I thank the developers of these and 
supporting packages).

Trip is intended for use with location data that are irregularly spaced 
in time - this contrasts with the rationale behind the traj class in 
'adehabitat'. Primarily it has been developed with marine animal data in 
mind, but the validation of trip classes used should general for many 

 There is a short vignette available from here -  it's not integrated 
into the CRAN-available package yet.


 Cheers, Michael Sumner

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