[R-pkgs] new package proptest

David Kraus kraus at karlin.mff.cuni.cz
Wed Oct 4 22:33:43 CEST 2006

Dear R users,

The package proptest (http://www.davidkraus.net/proptest/) has been
recently released to CRAN.

The package provides functions for testing the proportional hazards
assumption in the Cox model for right censored survival data. Two types of
tests for identifying nonproportional covariates are implemented:

* data-driven Neyman type smooth tests (using both nested and all-subsets
variant of the BIC),

* tests based on the score process (KS, CM, and AD type, with the LWY

Bug reports, comments or suggestions are welcome.




David Kraus

Institute of Information Theory and Automation
Pod Vodarenskou vezi 4
18208 Praha 8


Charles University in Prague
Department of Statistics
Sokolovska 83
18675 Praha 8

kraus #at# karlin.mff.cuni.cz

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