[R-pkgs] new package on CRAN

Robin Hankin r.hankin at noc.soton.ac.uk
Wed May 31 08:40:06 CEST 2006

Dear List

Please find uploaded to CRAN a new package, "partitions" that
enumerates integer partitions using C.  A paper describing the
package has recently been accepted by JSS (volume 16, codesnippet 1).

Integer partitions arise in many branches of combinatorics,
and the partition function P(n) is the subject of much investigation
in pure mathematics.

The package enumerates the partitions, unequal partitions, and  
partitions of an integer; the corresponding partition functions are  
also given.
The package can conjugate partitions and calculate the Durfee square
of a partition.

I would be very interested to hear any comments or suggestions that the
List may have.

Robin Hankin
Uncertainty Analyst
National Oceanography Centre, Southampton
European Way, Southampton SO14 3ZH, UK
  tel  023-8059-7743

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