[R-pkgs] pls version 1.2-0

Bjørn-Helge Mevik and Ron Wehrens pls at mevik.net
Thu Feb 23 09:18:29 CET 2006

Version 1.2-0 of the pls package is now available on CRAN.

The pls package implements partial least squares regression (PLSR) and
principal component regression (PCR).  Features of the package include

- Several plsr algorithms: orthogonal scores, kernel pls and simpls
- Flexible cross-validation
- A formula interface, with traditional methods like predict, coef,
  plot and summary
- Functions for extraction of scores and loadings, and calculation of
  (R)MSEP and R2
- A simple multiplicative scatter correction (msc) implementation
- Functions for plotting predictions, validation statistics,
  coefficients, scores, loadings, biplots and correlation loadings.

The main changes since 1.1-0 are

- predict() now handles missing data like the `lm' method does (the
  default is to predict `NA').
- fitted() and residuals() now return NA for observations with missing
  values, if na.action is na.exclude.
- `ncomp' is now reduced when it is too large for the requested 
- Line plot parameter arguments have been added to predplotXy(), so
  one can control the properties of the target line in predplot().
- MSEP(), RMSEP(), loadings(), loadingplot() and scoreplot() are now

See the file CHANGES in the sources for all changes.

Ron Wehrens and Bjørn-Helge Mevik

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