[R-pkgs] For2R - Interface from Fortran to R

Mike Prager Mike.Prager at noaa.gov
Tue Aug 23 22:08:48 CEST 2005

We announce the availability of the Fortran 95 module "For2R", which 
makes it easy to write complicated R data structures (i.e., lists of 
lists, matrices, dataframes, ...) from Fortran programs. By a series of 
subroutine calls, program outputs can be written to a file readable by R 
with a single "dget" function call. This facilitates automated graphics 
generation and other postprocessing of model results.

A downloadable ZIP file of For2R is available from  
http://shrimp.ccfhrb.noaa.gov/~mprager/Rinter.html  and includes Fortran 
source, documentation, and an example.

We are working on similar code to interface C++ with R. An extremely 
crude version of such code is available from the same page. Though the 
C++ code will be totally replaced, the download includes sample output 
and R graphics functions for automated processing of a fisheries example. 

Although For2R is much nicer than our current C++ code, it should all be 
considered beta-test code, and it is supplied with no warranty 
whatsoever.  Bug reports and suggestions are welcome.

Michael Prager, for myself and Erik Williams
Population Dynamics Team, NMFS SE Fisheries Science Center
NOAA Center for Coastal Fisheries and Habitat Research
Beaufort, North Carolina  28516  USA

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